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Tackling Workplace Bullying

This virtual interactive 3-hour workshop will help participants to identify, prevent and tackle negative behaviour and treatment within the workplace.
Our programmes are conducted on a secure, emotionally and culturally safe platform. We are mindful and sensitive to the subject matter and are emotionally intelligent in how we disseminate and support participants, giving them practical tools and resources that can be used in identifying and tackling this type of behaviour.
Learning Objectives:  attendees will walk away with the following key aspects:
  • Understanding the differences between Bullying and Harassment:  Exploring the definitions and differences between what bullying is and what harassment is
  • Recognising Workplace Bullying: Exploring what self-management looks like and how  participants become effective self-managers inside and outside of the workplace; building upon skills they already possess
  • Impact of Bullying and Harassment:  Exploring the effect on emotional health and wellbeing of individuals in the workplace
  • Practical Tools and Resources: Practical resources, which include action plans and key steps in identifying and tackling workplace bullying.

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