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Reverse Mentoring

The ethos of Synergised Solutions' Reverse Mentoring programme is to provide a foundational platform demonstrating Equity, Diversity and Acceptance (EDA); weaving within this, the practices and principles of Emotional and Cultural Intelligence as an integral element within the framework of the reverse mentoring partnership. 
This process enable our consultants to work with  Human Resource professionals and/or individuals within the organisation who are impartial to the process of supporting and enabling an objective 'matching process' in the pairings of C-Suite, Directors, senior management and Supervisors directors with more junior members of staff. This is directed by organisational culture and drive and their developmental plans across their workforce.  

Once the reverse mentors and mentees have been identified, they will be suitably “matched” using the Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment Profile (EISAP 2.0), before all participants are informed of who their reverse mentor or mentee is and, prior to them entering into any form of reverse mentoring relationship. As part of their development, they will be introduced to the practices and principles of Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Resilience as a means of gaining further understanding from various situations and peoples’ perspectives.

This programme is designed to empower and encourage each participant to learn from one another, with the aim of improving the reverse mentors and mentees’ understanding of the organisation and working relationships through each others eyes.  This will give the reverse mentor (a more junior member of staff) and insight from a more senior perspective and, the mentee (the senior member of staff) insight into this from the more junior members' perspective.


Taster Sessions are available upon request.  

For further information about Reverse Mentoring, contact us at:

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