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The Transformational Leadership Programme, will guide your organisation through times of challenge; by supporting leaders at all levels  with the leadership skills and strategies to successfully drive change.



Do You...

  • Need support in having difficult  conversations

  • Require external impartiality to provide a safe place for employees to speak openly




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Key Features:

  • A combination of qualitative and quantitative research

  • Analysis incorporating protected characteristics and key organisational trends

  • Evidence-based interview techniques

  • Conduct focus groups to gain organisational insight and perspective



doing work together

Managing Myself & Others enables participants to understand the practices and principles of managing self, managing sideways, and managing upwards and, how they can maximise their knowledge and understanding whilst utilising these skills within the workplace.


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The workplace should be an environment in which you feel safe, happy and comfortable to work to the best of your potential.  Bullying & Harassment in any form, should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Understanding the difference between bullying and harassment is a way forward for many.

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EQ Group Coaching is driven by the need for organisations to introduce the practices and principles of Emotional Intelligence as part of their organisational change initiatives. Using the EISAP 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment Profile, as a foundation stone to unlocking dialogue within our group coaching sessions. 

Our coaching is designed and aligned to our clients' requirements.


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Do you want to support your Black and Asian staff career progression into more senior roles?
Do you want to support them to succeed in the interviewing process, and getting that job?



Conflict can happen in any workplace and in any industry, no matter how many employees are in the business. It can happen between individuals, between staff and a customer or patient, or between larger groups of employees.


Damaged relationships can be difficult or impossible to repair.



How to recognise and deal with stress in your everyday life.  Looking at peer pressure and the tools and techniques to avoid being drawn into it.