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Managing Myself & Others

This virtual interactive 3-hour workshop will help participants to explore and understand the practices and principles of managing self, managing sideways, and managing upwards and, how they can maximise their knowledge and understanding whilst utilising the skills within their workplace. 
Aims:  The aim of this workshop is to introduce and upskill individuals into the practices and principles of self-management and, that of others be it colleagues or managers. 
Learning Objectives:  attendees will walk away with the following three key aspects of managing themselves, their colleagues, and their managers.
  • Managing Myself: Exploring what self-management looks like and how  participants become effective self-managers inside and outside of the workplace; building upon skills they already possess.
  • Managing My Colleagues: Looking at the practices and principles of Effective Team-working and the progressive relationships that are forged and enhanced through collaborative working with colleagues in teams or in the workplace in general.
  • Managing My Manager: Exploring and understanding the practices and principles of managing upwards and communicating with senior people; looking at the benefits of working effectively and harmoniously within your working relationships.

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