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Managing Your Stress

This half-day workshop explores how individuals can effectively manage their stress levels in the workplace.  ,

Tools and techniques will be shared on how to recognise and deal with stress in your everyday life.  This includes looking at stressors and the tools and techniques to avoid being drawn into stressful situations.

By the end of the workshop participant will:

  • Understand what Stress looks like

  • Explore the cause and impact of stressful situations and  impact it has on the body

  • Explain the tools and techniques to utilise when under stress

  • Recognise when being drawn into stressful situations and how to avoid it

  • Look at other things such as effective time management techniques to help keep the stress levels down

  • Exploring how to maintain emotional health and wellbeing in the workplace.

NB:  Workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face.

For more information on this workshop, contact us at:

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