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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Resilience in the Workplace:
This workshop enables participants to explore  the practices and principles of emotional resilience within the workplace.  Realistically looking at the effectiveness  of staff wellbeing with a (w)holistic approach, covering aspects of:
  • Effective communication skills
  • Managing conflict and highlighting resolutions around bullying and harassment
  • Key components of Emotional Resilience 
Exploring Emotional & Cultural Intelligence:

This workshop will create a supportive and developmental platform for participants to explore Emotional & Cultural Intelligence for the first time.  They will have the opportunity to undertake an Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment Profile (EISAP 2.0); where they will explore the four key components, enabling them to tap into and utilise the skills they already possess and, synergise these skills with what they will gain from the workshop, be able to apply the practices and principles gained within their job roles. 

This workshop will incorporate the fundamentals of Emotional and Social Intelligence skills and, the key components within Cultural Intelligence

For more information on this workshop, contact us at:

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