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Developing Your Staff Potential

This programme consists of three half-day workshops supporting Black and Asian staff.  These sessions will take participants through:

By the end of the workshop participant will undertake the following information on:

Succeeding at your Interview

  • Exploring effective interview techniques

  • Top tips for successful interviewing:

  • Dress code for effective interviewing

Preparing Your Application Form

  • Power of the pen

  • Senior Roles - Exploring suitable senior roles that stretch your skillsets and abilities

  • Completing your online application form

Getting That Job

  • Presenting a positive and professional interviewee profile and presence

  • Information gathering - garnering relevant information on the organisation you are being interviewed for

  • Bringing it all together – preparing for your interview


The value that facilitators bring to this developmental initiative, is the wealth of knowledge and expertise spanning 20+ years within the recruitment, selection, induction and, training arena; across corporate and public sector healthcare organisations.   By weaving the practices and principles of Emotional Intelligence, with 'lived experience' scenarios to further support Black and Asian staff to feel empowered, motivated and, enthused to succeed in their goals and aspirations of securing more senior roles.

NB:  Workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face. For more information on supporting your staff in this initiative Contact us at:

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