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Our Anti-Racism masterclasses are for organisations who want to see a real change and progression within their business culture. 
This 90-minute masterclass will help participants to deconstruct and explore  practices, principles and, the language in a range of situations. Sharing best practices and take-away tips around understanding the meaning of privilege and allyship/advocacy and, by wholeheartedly engaging in this interactive masterclass that outlines race, racism, and the overall impact it has on organisational progression.
Aims: This will be a comprehensive session, bringing the reality of racism up-close and personal, starting with those uncomfortable conversations around racism that will enable an emotionally intelligent conversation to evolve and bring about resolutions, actions, and commitment to change. 
We aim to provide participants, with the tools you need to embed change and create safe spaces for your colleagues at work who may have been subjected to negative behaviours from other members of staff.
This workshop will upskill individuals in the reality, cause and effect of everyday racism within the workplace.
Learning Objectives:  attendees will walk away from the masterclass with the following key aspects:
  • A commitment and advocacy on what they can do to in tackling anti-racism
    within the workplace which supports and enables positive working environments
  • Exploring and understanding the impact of racism - how this affects the
    mental health and wellbeing of staff
  • Understanding the concept of privilege and, its use for good
  • Identify and learn about the 'lived experience' of racial discrimination
  • Explore the concept of active listening and building trust
  • Comprehending the emotional impact and effect racism has on those
    affected and, agree on key action points to start the change process
  • Create a network of capable responders (advocates) to provide support
    in the workplace
  • Pledge and commit to one action point you will take forward 
  • Links to resources relating to anti-racism

This masterclass is intended to be your first step into making change within your organisation.  Participants are encouraged to follow-up the masterclass with our Anti-Racism half day workshop which will include and introduction to The Multilateral Approach to Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Resilience) also, there will be groups exercises.
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