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It is with great pleasure that we announce the partnership of Synergised Solutions Ltd and Good Governance Institute to further promote the importance of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion on the governance agenda. We have made this important decision to partner with Good Governance Institute to further enhance our offerings and portfolio in this area, and build on the work that we are already engaged in. 


Synergised Solutions Ltd and Good Governance Institute believe that it is important to formulate and build upon a firm foundation of mutual respect in any relationship and, have the clear and concise understanding, that making Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) aligned, and more in focus with good governance practices and principles is imperative.


The coronavirus pandemic has shown that there remains a great deal of work to do in the areas of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on black staff members and people within our communities, highlights the need for immediate action.


Dianne Greyson & Jacqueline A. Hinds, Joint Managing Partners, Synergised Solutions Ltd said: “Synergised Solutions believes that there are fundamental characteristics of governance that all organisations should be aligned to and, by partnering with Good Governance Institute (GGI) we strengthen the ED&I platform with their 8 characteristics: participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective, efficient, equitable and inclusive and follows the rule of law.”


Andrew Corbett-Nolan, CEO of the GGI said: “Drawing on the deep expertise and experience of Synergised Solutions Ltd will add new depth to GGI’s ability to promote good governance, diversity and inclusion to ensure that the NHS and other public or third sector boards make this a priority now.”


“Ethnic diversity is more than a tokenistic exercise of appointing more people to the board with BAME characteristics. We believe, throughout the organisation they need to be appointed for the skills, expertise and the experience they bring to the decision-making process.


Organisations need to work with their employees to include the voices and particular experiences and priorities its BAME workforce bring with them. Accepting that bias exists within everyone, changes the narrative and landscape to allow for difficult conversations to happen and positive change take place.



Notes to editors:


About Synergised Solutions Ltd

  • Synergised Solutions Ltd is a team of HR and D&I specialists with over 25 years combined experience of working with multinationals, top-tier consultancies, developing and progressive government and public sector agencies.

  • Synergised Solutions Ltd has extensive experience in designing and delivering ED&I initiatives aligned to organisational visions and values. Their approach is evidence-based with a heart-centred philosophy. They weave the practices and principles of Emotional and Cultural Intelligence as a foundation stone to enhance D&I strategies.

  • The team have worked across the UK, Europe, USA, Caribbean, UAE, and Australia delivering consultancy interventions and keynote presentations in the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Paris and USA.


About the GGI

Identified by the Financial Times as one of the top 20 consultancies operating in the public sector, GGI brings a decade of experience working with leaders on the broad canvas of governance. GGI’s reputation as a thought-leader working to review and develop boards and governing bodies makes it a recognised partner across health, social care, education, local government, and the charitable and corporate sectors.


GGI’s value lies not only in its detailed understanding and expertise in relation to the

challenges and opportunities faced by board members, but also in its ability to bring issues of governance to life through delivering support in strategy, leadership, engagement, and organisational development.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss in more detail please contact us on:




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